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This is where we hear from WordPress users about their WordPress issues and provide helpful advice. If you have something you’d like to discuss, drop us a note and we’ll talk about it! Here is today’s subject:

Dear WordPressy, 

I’m a WordPress designer in California and juggling multiple clients. I’ve been in business for myself for 5 years now and have been lucky enough to work with 11 ongoing clients and am working on growing that number. Being a one-person business I have so many responsibilities. Clients always come first but I neglect my own company often. Too much going on. I’m overloading on coffee. I’m stressed. My clients love the sites I design for them, but they ask me to keep them updated which includes performing maintenance tasks like updates, backups and more. I use plugins for that but there are just so many steps and number of plugins I can’t keep up. What can I do to take that off my plate and streamline? I want to focus on my core capabilities which is design. Help!

Frustrated in California 

Dear Frustrated in California,

You absolutely should be concentrating on your core capabilities which is design. That’s what makes you happy and successful. WordPress maintenance is a time consuming and mundane process for many. Did you know you could outsource your client site maintenance to a white label provider? They can handle all the maintenance for you behind the scenes and you get the credit. They can manage those updates and backups you spoke of plus handle security, performance and more. You can purchase agency plans and set your own pricing for this service and give yourself a source of monthly recurring revenue to boot. You could then afford that expensive coffee. Maybe a scone with it too. 

Just sign up for a monthly plan that fits the number of clients you have, pay the provider and charge the client what you want. The white label provider will work with you as a member of your team and the client gets all their maintenance needs taken care of thinking you did all that work for them. I can recommend a great white label provider that offers comprehensive services at a reasonable price. Don’t stress and get peace of mind. My recommendation is WP Manage Prime. Check them out at

Hope this helps and good luck!