You’ve got a great WordPress site. Whether it’s a blog or a company site or both, it most likely provides you with income. It represents you as an individual or a group of people providing products and services. You have an online reputation to uphold. Your site needs to perform like a well-oiled machine. In order to keep the machine running well it needs to be looked after which means performing site maintenance. Who really wants to worry about babysitting their site when there are new customers to obtain and care for?

Many WordPress users decide to do their own maintenance but there can be some drawbacks to that. Let’s look at those.

  • Time spent doing mundane maintenance tasks when you could be crafting your next blog or working on your marketing campaign. 
  • Using separate plugins and tools for updates, backups, security, performance scans, uptime monitoring and more. That would necessitate obtaining a lot of plugins that could potentially slow down your site. These need frequent and time-consuming updating.
  • Finding more hours in a day to fit in time for maintenance. I’ll bet you’ve got better things to do. 
  • This can end up costing money. Not all plugins and tools are free, not to mention the worth of your time.

Now let’s talk about an alternative, using a maintenance provider to do all the maintenance for you.

  • Frees up your time to work on things that are more fun and help build your business 
  • No plugin overloads
  • No babysitting. You receive monthly reports on the maintenance activity that has taken place. If something does need attention, you get a timely notification from the maintenance provider. 
  • Yes, you’ll have to spend some money to have a provider manage these tasks for you, but they do it all as a package. They are experts and maintenance is their daily focus. If you do the math, it could actually cost you less to partner with a WordPress maintenance provider. 

WP Manage Prime can help you. We provide updates, backups, security scans, performance scans, uptime monitoring, SEO ranking and a connection to Google Analytics among other things. We have 3 pricing packages to meet most budgets. Chat with us online or send an email and we can discuss your needs.