A little over a year ago I decided it was time to start my own online business. Like so many, I pondered if it was worth it being your own boss and taking on the risks of success or failure. I had to fund it out of my own pocket, I had to find a business space that solved a problem for a wide base of users. It had to be solutions oriented. It had to offer a fair price to clients but make a profit for me so I could pay the bills and sustain myself. These are all common bullet points any start up asks before jumping into an endeavor. I was used to making well into a six figure income as a Director of Business Development for web development and marketing agencies in San Franciso. I had huge clients most of which were based in Silicon Valley. I was successful in a sales / biz dev position and did some independent consulting after. 

I realized though after doing this for a long period of time I wanted to change things up and spend my time working on projects that were more technologically challenging and helped people. I had created WordPress sites for my consulting engagements and thought hey this could be an opportunity. One thing I knew was I didn’t want to do the boring maintenance tasks myself that every WordPress site requires to stay alive. I figured nobody else really wanted to either. Then I realized I could start a business that offers maintenance services. I did the required research and despite seeing a lot of competition I decided to forge ahead as this would be beneficial to others and fun for me. 

My focus would be on working with agencies as that was where I had my experience and I understood the challenges they face with clients quite well. I liked the recurring revenue model too and that was my goal for my business. I wanted to provide the recurring revenue model to agencies as well so I focused on white label WordPress maintenance for agencies, developers and designers servicing 10 or more sites. 

I had to consider all the basic challenges most agencies face such as lead generation, differentiating themselves from other firms, hiring personnel and scaling for project growth. The one that stood out the most was recurring revenue to accommodate for the slow periods. Agencies need to focus on their core capabilities, so adding a service with a recurring revenue stream seemed like a great place to provide an offering to agencies. Therefore outsourcing is key, particularly if you are a smaller firm and don’t have the internal resources to do all things for all clients. Agencies that design / develop WordPress websites need to add value to their clients with a menu of site services and maintenance is one that is quite necessary. Nobody wants a hacked or non-functioning site. Maintenance companies specialize in that one area and can keep the sites agencies create in optimal condition. A lot of what maintenance is is preventative, so sites don’t go dark or malware has to be removed on an emergency basis. Maintenance is the barrier around the castle that keeps the enemies out. 

Here at a WP Manage Prime we offer a comprehensive list of services to protect and defend your client’s sites. Our pricing is set up so the more sites you sign up with us the less it costs you per month for maintenance. You buy one of our monthly plans and then charge the client what you wish. Our plans include white label service so we work behind the scenes for you and the client gives you all the credit for keeping their sites updated and secure. We provide tech support hours for content edits and more. Our goal is to be your partner, offer additional revenue and let you save time for more important things that are essential for running your business. 

We are not the most well known maintenance company out there nor are we the largest with 100’s of clients. We know where we are positioned. We want to serve small to medium sized agencies and do it well so together we can grow. We do understand how agencies work and what their pain points are because we’ve worked inside those environments. We understand WordPress and the challenges that come with designing and developing for it. We are solutions oriented and work toward mutual partnership. We are committed to getting to know you and your clients. Business is about relationships. We’d like the opportunity to build that with you. You can find us at wpmanageprime.com