Last week I received a notification from a WordPress security plugin I use that a brute force attack occurred 25 times within one minute on my site. It was targeting a directory file that is a key element to the integrity of any WordPress site. I was immediately notified of my security scan status through my maintenance provider, and luckily the site was clean. The security plugin had blocked the attack and the maintenance provider was able to let me know the site was secure. I reported the incident to my hosting provider and was assured that security protected against this kind of attack as well. I like having as many levels of protection as possible, and thanks to using a maintenance provider, I had the information I needed to keep me from worrying about what just happened. 

The fact that WordPress is so popular and is used for approximately one third of all sites on the Internet makes it particularly vulnerable to hackers. My site is scanned every day for security issues. If you don’t keep an eye on this you could be a victim, and fixing it is far worse and costlier than taking preventative measures.

Partnering with a maintenance provider that runs scheduled security scans could be a lifesaver. Your entire site could be infected with malware or go completely down. You could lose customers and or your blog audience and not be aware of it. Getting the site back up could cost hundreds of dollars to fix. Wouldn’t you rather be prepared and protected? 

Using a provider for all your site maintenance needs and in particular having them run regular security scans could cost less than a cup of fancy coffee a day. I’m glad I had a team of experts monitoring my site. Don’t be caught off guard. Security really is crucial. Don’t become a victim.