A colleague of mine recently experienced an issue with their website being down twice over a ten-day period. The downtime was extensive, and it was due to server failures at the hosting provider. The host is a reputable company with high ratings, yet a problem occurred. A notification that the site was down was sent immediately by the maintenance provider he partners with, and steps were taken to contact the host and see what had happened. It was out of my colleague’s control unfortunately, but the concerns were many. Here are the top ones he had.

1)     Google ranking penalty. Yes, Google rates sites on how often they experience downtime.

2)     Lost sales. The revenue that was lost is irreplaceable.

3)     Online reputation. This takes time to earn and downtime can be a wrecking ball.

4)     Unhappy customers. If customers can’t have their needs met, then they head to the competition and nobody wants that. It costs a lot more to obtain a new customer than to retain one and provide extraordinary service and add on services.

Monitoring your website is a core component to having a sound maintenance strategy. You can avoid surprises by partnering with a WordPress maintenance provider who offers uptime monitoring as part of their overall service. WP Manage Prime can help. Contact us for more information on our website care plans which include 24/7 uptime monitoring.