You have a great WordPress site. It’s your blog, your online business, your means of income. Important stuff. You are busy though juggling a lot of things. Running the business, marketing, writing content, you know how all of those things take time. Maintaining your site can also take up your time. Keeping your site updated with the latest WordPress version helps ensure you are running as smoothly as you can. Updates can protect you from sneaky hackers. We all know what kind of damage they can cause. What about bug fixes? Bugs can crawl in despite the developers best efforts. You want to optimize the speed and performance of your site so visitors don’t come and go. You also want to take advantage of new features that WordPress comes out with. Updates can keep your site in tip top shape. Because you are often multitasking, you may not have the time to update regularly. Consider using a WordPress maintenance service provider. They can take this task off your plate and manage a variety of things for you, which of course includes updates. WP Manage Prime can help. Contact us for more information. We’d love to provide you with those crucial updates (and more).