I recently had to part ways with the service provider I was using. I’m a patient person and try to give organizations a chance to provide the amenities they promise, but the lack of consistent service was hurting my business. I found another provider and cancelled my service with the original one with no regrets. The original provider wasn’t giving me the services they promised, but the nail in the coffin was poor customer service. I have no doubt many of you have run into the same situation. Frequently, the bigger a company becomes the more their customer service suffers. 

When I started my business, I vowed excellent customer service would be a crucial element. The most important reason I chose the new provider was exactly that, excellent customer service. My questions about their services and how it would fit my needs were answered completely and quickly, literally within minutes. That was a far cry from what I had gone through. 

What am I getting at then? Make sure your online business offers excellent customer service. Do your best to keep your website up and running smoothly so customers don’t look for one of your competitors to work with. In technology things can go awry quickly; make sure you fix it fast. Having a sound plan for website maintenance and management is an important part of being able to do that. Work with a company that offers superior customer service. While the company might be small their excellent customer service may be a turning point for you. 

Here at WP Manage Prime we offer a wide range of WordPress maintenance services and care plans. I call them care plans because we do care. Our business isn’t just about making money, it’s about caring for your website and of course offering the best customer service we possibly can. We believe this allows us to stand out from the crowd in our business and make our customers happy and long term partners with us.