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Voice technology is growing exponentially and like chatbots has become the tool of choice for customer engagement and satisfaction across multiple industries. The customer experience referred to as CX, is taking the number one spot for organizations who want to be on the cutting edge of technology.

Built on artificial intelligence and natural language platforms they can understand your users and perform all types of functions. These functions include answering questions, performing cognitive search and page interactions and providing lighting fast results. These smart virtual agents are key to lowering  your overhead costs and are important to have if you want to increase conversion actions on your site.

As with chatbots, you can integrate with other platforms such as CRM’s for gathering and analyzing data, which is crucial for optimal marketing. 

We provide voicebot development and support to WordPress users. Our conversational AI tools are designed to let you offer your customers  a cutting edge voice technology that adds value and provides you with an increased revenue stream.   

See how conversational AI voicebots can benefit your customers.



Natural Language Voice Interaction

Users can speak to the voicebot as they would a live person obtaining quick results to all types of queries. 


Customer Service

If a user has a customer service issue they can speak to the voicebot through a form you create for updates on an order for example. 



Integrate and Analyze Voice Interactions

Follow users through their interaction activity so you can track goals and KPI’s and integrate information gathered into your marketing platform. 

Control Over Website and Forms

The voicebot can allow users to fill in forms and search the website using voice commands.


Technical Support

As with customer service, a user can engage with the voicebot for needed technical support. This steamlines the process so your users can get the answers they need should their site encounter problems. 


24/7 Response

Provide 24/7 response which improves customer support and satisfaction. Keep users engaged and returning to the site. Move them toward conversion faster than with other methods.

Text Based Training Courses

Sign up for one of our text based training courses, a convenient way to learn on your schedule. Courses provide a valuable resource for learning about conversational AI voicebot technology and implementing voice on your sites. 



Qualify and Convert Visitors

Visitors are qualified faster leading to higher conversion rates and sales goals.  

Types of Conversational Voicebots We Can Create

Here are some examples of the voicebot uses available.

Lead Generation

Capture user data and integrate with your marketing platform such as a CRM for lead qualification.

Forms and Surveys

Users can use voice to fill out forms and surveys so you can market more efficiently.

Contact Information

Utilize the data you collect to move the user through the sales funnel. 


Increase Customer Engagement

Engage users with fast life like interactions which can increase your conversions and produce more qualified leads.

Customer Support

Instantly answer questions with the voice function and direct user to an area of the site, a form or support portal.

Human Resources Recruitment

Let voice gather resume information and qualify job candidates faster and more accurately.

How the Process Works

Build. Launch. Maximize.

Building the Voicebot

We can build your voicebot and customize it according to your goals. This includes custom commands and intents. Make your voicebot unique to your audience. Your bot’s value is in it’s advanced intelligence.


Voicebot Design

We can white label your voicebot to match your branding and specifications. Use your own design elements and voices including multi-lanaguage options.


Voicebot Integrations

We can integrate your voicebot with a variety of systems such as CRM, marketing intelligence, E-commerce, ERP, knowledge base, business intelligence and more.


Contact Us for Customization

  • Custom voice commands
  • API for systems integration
  • White label, branding and other custom needs