• So, you’ve got a WordPress site. It represents you and your business. It’s a digital asset. We need to protect our assets from a variety of things. In the WordPress universe we need to look out for the bad guys who want to steal information or plant harmful code, making a big problem for you. To avoid a mess, you should do regular security scans.
  • We want our sites to be relevant and fresh which means updates to WordPress core, themes, plugins and content.
  • Maintenance service providers help their clients keep in step with what matters to Google so site owners can rank well in search. The site needs to perform well and load fast so visitors don’t scurry off.
  • Maintenance providers back up your site regularly. They monitor the uptime of your site, they provide reports on what services have been performed so you can measure the value of your maintenance investment. In a nutshell they provide all the essential activities that keep your site running smoothly. A well-managed site is imperative to your online reputation and brand and should not be overlooked.

Proper maintenance takes time, something the average user doesn’t have a lot of. Partnering with a service provider just might give you an edge over the competition. Do you have to pay for it? Yes, but it’s money well spent if you don’t have the internal resources to cover all the maintenance bases. Consider budgeting for maintenance. It might just prove to be the best investment you make as well as give you peace of mind. That’s really the added value. We all need some of that.