A successful website is defined by how well it performs. Page load times and speed are critical in determining whether or not visitors can get to, and stay on your site. If you are an online retailer for example, a split second can make the difference in whether a potential customer will buy from you, or exit the site frustrated never to return. You’ve invested time and money in the development of your site. Dont let that be wasted by not providing adequate performance.

Performance checks are so important because they give you information about the speed and overall condition of the site at various points in time; the benefits of having stable performance are many.

Google ranks your site according to how fast it is. If it ranks well you’ll get more traffic to your site and that means more potential customers. As you obtain customers, they will be more inclined to engage further on the site and moving forward this can lead to additional sales.

WP Manage Prime offers performance checks with our plans which can be scheduled to run automatically. The results of the check are provided to you so if things aren’t running as expected, the site can be optimized and get you back up to speed.