The management of WordPress websites is a time-consuming process and requires technical expertise as well as regular monitoring and upkeep to make sure your client’s sites are running smoothly. It’s imperative to update, back up and secure sites to keep them safe from hackers, malware and other malicious activity. WordPress is a very popular CMS and the bad guys know that if a site is vulnerable, it’s a prime target. Our goal is to keep your sites performing in optimal condition to avoid disasters. 

So why should an agency, freelancer or designer / developer white label maintenance services? White label services free up your time, as well as provide recurring revenue for your business. Yes, recurring revenue. Who wouldn’t be interested in that? We do the maintenance and technical support work behind the scenes and let you focus on your core capabilities.

WP Manage Prime partners with small to medium sized agencies, freelancers, web designers and developers to provide WordPress maintenance and support on a white label basis. Our solutions are designed to let you offer your clients expert services to keep their websites up to date, safe and performing optimally. As your white label partner, we provide the following:

If you have 3 or more WordPress clients who need regular maintenance services on a monthly basis, we have the right white label program for you. To learn how to participate see below.

Choose a Care Plan

Choose and purchase one of our 3 care plans that best fits what your client needs. Once your order has been placed, you’ll receive an email from us about how to proceed with the setup of your plan. We recommend our Prime Plan for the most comprehensive services. 

Offer the care plan services to your client. You will be able to charge whatever monthly fee you wish to the client.

White Label Pricing

As a white label partner, you will receive a 20% discount off our regular care plan price. When you apply and are accepted to the program, we will provide a special white label partner coupon code to use when you purchase one of our plans for your clients. Your discount will be applied at the time of purchase checkout.

Support Assistance Email

So that we may provide site edits and technical support behind the scenes for your client, create an email such as Provide that to us and we will register that in our help desk so we can provide support assistance.

Payment Process

When you purchase a care plan on behalf of your client, you pay us, and they pay you directly so you have control of the pricing you may set and the process.

The primary maintenance services we offer include but are not limited to:

Updates (WordPress core, theme and plugins)

Never have to monitor for updates again. We’ll take care of it.


Don’t be caught off guard and lose your valuable data. We do weekly and daily offsite backups.


We check on your site weekly or daily to keep it safe from hackers


We check your site speed and load time to keep it optimized

Depending on which plan you choose, more comprehensive services are available. For more information on our white label services and to apply, visit our site at

Start earning recurring revenue now and delight your clients with expert WordPress maintenance and support. For any questions, please email us at or start an online chat. We are here to help you be successful.