WordPress is a great platform upon which to build and enhance your website. It offers amazing features such as themes, plugins and more. As a result of its popularity, WordPress is prone to vulnerabilities such as malware, viruses and access from hackers. WordPress can be a prime target for these sorts of mishaps. If you are not diligent about keeping your website secure, you may be targeted and that could mean big trouble. Keeping your site updated and backed up is prudent, but scanning your site on a regular basis for security issues can add that extra layer of protection.

It’s important to not make things easy for a hacker to breach your site by changing your administrative login, using strong passwords and updating your core, theme and WordPress plugins. You may have  a site containing personal information such as an e-commerce site which is even more at risk so you really need to lock it down and monitor activity. We can’t stress security enough and the more you scan the less likely you’ll be surprised by an attack.

Consider using a third party WordPress maintenance provider to take care of this for you. WP Manage Prime uses Sucuri security scan and can schedule this for you so there is less of a chance of a disastrous breach on your very important website.