Do you spend $2 a day or more on a cup of coffee from your favorite spot? Did you know for less than $2 per day you can get a full suite of WordPress maintenance services that will keep your site running securely and in optimal condition? That’s right. It’s not a lot of money to spend for peace of mind. Using a WordPress maintenance provider who specializes in the care of websites day in day out can save you a lot of time and frustration trying to keep your site running smoothly all by yourself. Think of what else you could do with the hours spent on updates, backups, security scans and the like. If you don’t have a team of employees and someone dedicated to keeping your site maintained, you are carrying a heavy load. I’ll bet for many of you site maintenance is last thing you want to deal with. 

So, imagine having multiple services performed and included in one plan you pay monthly for. Your site is taken care and you can proceed with tackling other projects. How easy is that for less than $2 per day? Here’s what you can get:


WordPress updates enhance security, eliminate worry about bugs, improve compatibility across site functions and provide a speedier streamlined experience.

You will receive WordPress core software updates with the latest software version, theme installations so your site doesn’t get outdated and updates to all of your plugins to keep your site functions running smoothly.


WordPress backups serve as an insurance policy for your site and are the backbone of site management. Should your site crash or updates fail, it’s crucial to have an up to date backup.

With backups you’ll get reliable off-site storage for 90 days


Security scans help protect against data loss, check for vulnerabilities so they can be corrected, improve performance and provide site owners with peace of mind.

You’ll receive well known Sucuri security scans and notification if an issue is detected.


With performance scans you obtain valuable information on how your site is functioning. Scans check site speed and page load time and provide you with data on where site performance can be improved. You’ll also gain insights on site optimization.

Performance scans give you an inside look at any situations effecting your site and allow for information that alerts you to problems so they can be rectified right away.


SEO provides key metrics on your site, competitor information and site ranking


Track and receive reports on your site traffic


Uptime monitoring eliminates worry and saves time knowing whether your site is up. It keeps revenue flowing and visitors accessing your site saving you from being penalized by search engines for downtime. In addition, it alerts you to problems so they can be corrected right away.


Maintenance reports let you see what services are being performed and the activity within each service.

These insights provide you with information about how you can keep your site at peak performance. Reports show that having your site professionally managed and maintained is a valuable asset to your business.


Chat with an agent immediately for answers to your burning questions.


You can send an email if that’s more convenient for you.


With Help Desk Support you can start a conversation or submit a trouble ticket and track what’s going on throughout the process.


Need content edits or have a technical issue that needs to be resolved? That’s available too by the hour along with the suite of services discussed above. It will cost a bit more than $2 per day but everyone needs a helping hand now and then with edits and or tech support. 

WP Manage Prime offers all of the above mentioned services for less than $2 per day. Our all inclusive Prime plan is only $59 per month and will cover all of your WordPress site maintenance needs. That’s $1.96 per day for valuable time saving services. Stop stressing over site maintenance and let the experts take this off your plate.