If you are a WordPress user you need to be sure you are caring for your site. Site maintenance may seem like a mundane task to perform on a regular basis but it’s extremely important it be done. Hopefully you are partnered with a great website designer who created the perfect web presence for your business, and they are taking care of your maintenance needs. Perhaps you decided to do the maintenance yourself to save a few bucks. Either way, there’s no getting around not maintaining your site. If you don’t, it opens up a nasty can of vulnerability worms that could cause your wonderful website to come crashing down and leave you without your livelihood. 

If your web designer is not providing a maintenance plan for you, there are third party experts who specialize in only doing maintenance. Maintenance is their core focus, so they know it well. If you’d prefer to have a one stop shop with your web designer, suggest THEY partner with a reputable maintenance provider and get your design and site care all in one package. 

The alternative is to go directly with a third party maintenance provider yourself. Either way you are covered for things like updates, backups, security, performance, uptime monitoring and more. You can buy a monthly plan and not have to worry about that mundane but crucial stuff. 

What is a website care plan you ask? It’s an insurance policy protecting the health of your online investment. Your business depends on having a well functioning web presence and a care plan should be seriously considered. You most likely have health insurance to cover medical needs; websites need check ups and care as well.

Care Plans are advantageous. They provide your site with optimal performance. In order to maintain your online reputation, it’s crucial to have a secure stable site. It allows you to spend time on other important areas of your business by using a maintenance provider. Signing up for a monthly care plan ensures constant monitoring and updates to critical components such as WordPress core, theme and plugins. Additionally, it can save you money long term. If the site gets infected with malware, has a security breach, or breaks because of a theme or plugin that hasn’t been updated, it’s more expensive to fix it after the fact than to invest in an ongoing maintenance care plan. So, if you need maintenance, and your designer just designs and doesn’t offer that, you can get it yourself for a reasonable monthly ongoing fee. 

WP Manage Prime offers 3 different levels of monthly care plans so you can choose one that best suits your needs. Be proactive and invest in a care plan. It could save your site from unwanted consequences in the future.