Since WordPress is an extremely popular platform for websites, it can be quite vulnerable because hackers are aware there are a lot of sites they can target and breach. The most susceptible features in WordPress are its core software, themes and plugins. Plugins account for approximately 50%, WordPress core for nearly 40% and themes for the remainder of security vulnerabilities on the hundreds of thousands WordPress sites on the web. These numbers are staggering and deserving of every site owner’s attention.

Here are some examples of the top vulnerabilities:


Malware is the code that hackers use to obtain access to sensitive information on your site. The malware infects your site files. If this happens you must identify and clean up the files or possibly restore the site to a non- infected version. This takes time and often money if you need to have someone else take care of it for you. 

Brute Force Attacks

Hackers try to gain access to your site through the login screen using multiple combinations of usernames and passwords. If they are successful, you’ve lost control of your site and they can use it for all kinds of purposes which could ruin your online reputation. Be sure to use strong passwords to help prevent this. Never use admin as your username as that’s the first one they’ll try. 

Database SQL Injections 

WordPress utilizes the MySQL database to function. Hackers inject your database trying to gain administrative access to the site and to the database. If that happens, they have control over everything. 

Cross Site Scripting

WordPress plugins are most vulnerable to this type of attack. It’s essentially an insecure javascript that loads on the site behind the scenes so the hacker can grab information from a browser or form and use it without the user knowing about it. 

The best way to protect your site from such vulnerabilities is to monitor your site on a regular basis with security scans. You can choose to do this yourself which takes discipline on your part, or you can sign up for a website maintenance plan with a professional maintenance provider. Most providers include security / vulnerability scans along with other site maintenance services such as WordPress core, theme and plugin updates, backups, performance scans, uptime monitoring, and monthly reports among other things. 

WP Manage Prime is such a provider and does scan your site on a weekly or daily basis for vulnerabilities depending on the plan you choose. Being proactive with your site can save you a lot of time, money and aggravation.