Chatbot Services for

WordPress Users 

Chatbots are becoming increasingly popular and with good reason. They serve as a conversational marketing tool built on artificial intelligence and natural language platforms that can understand your users and perform functions such as answer questions, qualify leads, schedule meetings and demos and more. This can lower your costs and increase conversion actions on your site.

Additonally you can connect to other platforms such as email and CRM’s for gathering and analyzing data, which is crucial for optimal marketing. 

We partner with WordPress users to provide chatbot development and support. Our solutions are designed to let you offer your customers a cutting edge technology that adds value and provides you with a increased revenue streams. 

See how chatbots can benefit your customers.




Power Up Lead Generation

Get 33% or higher increase over lead forms and other methods providing better qualified data.

Create goals and manage leads in your CRM using SalesForce or by integrating with Hubspot through Zapier.

User Profile Data

Collect user data and enrich your marketing efforts and ROI by having name, email and location for example. Set goals and analyze segments for enhanced campaigns. 

Analyze Bot Interactions

Follow users through their bot activity so you can track goals completed and what is or is not successful according to your KPI’s. 

Schedule Meetings

Schedule meetings right in the bot and integrate Google Calendar or Office 365. Route meetings over to team calendars.


View leads by each marketing campaign and connect to other sources such as Google Analytics.

24/7 Response

Handle inquiries 24/7 to improve customer support. You can also take over via live chat for direct communication. Receive notifications through the web, mobile device or email.

Text Based Training Courses

Sign up for one of our text based training courses, a convenient way to learn on your schedule. Courses provide a valuable resource for learning about chatbot technology and implementing bots on your sites. 


Qualify and Direct Leads Automatically

Leads are qualified and sent to the appropriate team member. 

Types of Chatbots We Can Create

Here are some examples of the chatbot uses available.

Lead Generation

Obtain website user name and email.

Download Content

Allow for downloading of content and create leads.

Contact Information

Create sales leads from visitor information obtained.

Market Data

Obtain and analyze target market information.

Customer Support

Answer questions and or direct user to support portal.

Live Chat

Allow user to start a live chat with a team member.

Schedule Meetings

Create meetings and send to integrated calendars.


Gather resume information and qualify job candidates.

How the Process Works

Build. Launch. Maximize.

Building the Bot

We can build your first bot and customize it according to your goals. You can incorporate features like a customer’s information, videos and GIF’s. Add natural language processing and train the bot. Use conditional logic. Your bot’s value is it’s intelligence.

Bot Design

Use your own design elements like color, fonts, background, bot name among other things.


Bot Launch

You can target and launch your bot according to  user demographics and schedule when the bot appears on your website.


Bot Notifications

Get a notification when a user engages with your bot. You can send the information to a team member for follow up or transfer to a live agent for instant communication.

Chatbot Features Overview

Download our PDF for information on what we can do for you with a chatbot.