Agencies face a myriad of challenges which include everything from client acquisition to retention. The services component is particularly crucial to help stand out from the competition. There’s strategy and tactical implementation on projects, client communication, timely payments, overall income, team management and more. When WordPress agencies create client websites they are often looked upon to keep those sites in good working order. They may be expected to provide ongoing edits and technical tasks which should be billable and included in proposals from the beginning. One of the services that is sometimes overlooked is the maintenance of the site once it’s launched. Agencies want to create masterpieces for their clients but will the client agree to critical services like maintenance? 

Importance of Maintenance

WordPress maintenance, often referred to as WordPress care plans are extremely important to keeping a site healthy and working as intended when it was built. Such maintenance services often need to be thoroughly explained to the client emphasizing the value behind charging an additional fee for the service. It’s important for agencies to understand the importance of offering maintenance and how that could impact their financial bottom line. Some excellent information for agencies can be found at

Maintenance is a recurring service most likely billed on a monthly basis. Recurring services mean recurring revenue. When regular projects are lean having a recurring revenue stream such as maintenance could keep the agency afloat and provide ongoing sustainability. 

So what do maintenance / care plans consist of? 

  • Backups (daily is best)
  • Updates to WordPress core, themes and plugins (as needed)
  • Malware scans and removal if required (daily)
  • Firewall protection 
  • Performance scans (daily)
  • Up time monitoring (daily)
  • Site staging 
  • Site migration
  • Reporting 
  • Tech support for content edits and troubleshooting issues

Agency Resources

OK that all sounds good but the question then arises does the agency have the resources in place to handle maintenance? Does the agency even want to? It’s a time consuming process and requires expertise. If agencies don’t want to take this on internally there are excellent third party maintenance providers available to do that mundane work for you. Not all, but many of those providers specialize in working with agencies only. They often have white label programs where they do all the work behind the scenes so the agency gets credit directly from the client. Such providers offer pricing that agencies can mark up to suit their business model and give them that recurring revenue stream monthly. 

A Great Opportunity

Why pass up an opportunity like that? It’s a win win for the agency and the client. You keep clients happy with a superbly functioning site and earn income allowing you to grow and keep focused on design / development projects. Do what you do best and let the maintenance experts take on the work. All of this points to sustainability and to added value for your clients. 

WP Manage Prime specializes in working with agencies only and may have just the right white label program for you. Our company consists of personnel who worked directly for agencies, know WordPress and the day to day struggles agencies have to tackle. Let us help you grow! Visit to earn agency recurring revenue. We hope to hear from you soon.