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Your time is valuable and keeping an eye on your client sites is important but can you do it all yourself?

If you find that maintaining multiple sites regularly is a challenge, we can help. 

We provide full service WordPress site maintenance solutions that you can offer your clients and earn recurring revenue for your agency. Let us be your behind the scenes partner while you take the credit.


Never have to monitor for updates again. We’ve got you covered!


Don’t be caught off guard and lose valuable site data. We do automated daily off-site backups.



We check on your sites daily to keep them safe from hackers.


We check site speed and load time to keep them optimized.


You’ve created the perfect WordPress site for your client’s business. It’s an investment of time and money. You want to keep it running smoothly and not break down. It’s like having a car, in order for it to get you places it needs to be maintained on a regular basis.

Taking care of your car shouldn’t be an afterthought and neither should maintaining your client’s sites. You’ve got a business to run and may not have the resources to look after multiple sites all the time.

Investing in a site maintenance service keeps your client sites updated, secure and alerts you if something isn’t right. When you budget with your clients for a website, consider using a maintenance service. It’s worth it for your peace of mind and for the client’s very important web presence.



Website Protection

Hackers love to target WordPress websites because they are so popular. Our mission is to protect your client sites from security issues upfront. We use MalCare scans to keep control over this and provide you with peace of mind knowing client sites are safe. In the unlikely event something does happen, our tech team is standing by to fix any problems.

Reliable Backups

We use the most comprehensive backup solution in the industry. You’ll get daily automated backups which are run incrementally for minimal load on the server. Our backups are stored off-site to the secure Amazon S3 cloud. If restoration is needed, it can be done on demand and is super fast. No need to worry about extended downtime. 

We’ll optimize your site

A fast website with no downtime keeps your clients and search engines happy. We check plugins and themes for vulnerabilities before updating them. We check site speed and load times so if it’s not performing as expected we can improve upon that. We monitor sites for uptime and if for some unlikely reason it does go down, we are notified immediately and take steps to get it back up as quickly as possible. We work hard to keep sites running in optimal condition.

We are here to help!

We are WordPress professionals just like you. We understand the frustrations that can come with creating and maintaining a site. In fact, we started this company because we wanted to solve a problem that we’ve had to deal with ourselves. Our goal is to help you reach your objectives by providing professional support and management for your client’s sites. When you succeed then we know we’ve done our job!





Do you want to enhance the security of your client sites, eliminate worry about bugs, improve compatibility across site functions and provide a speedier streamlined experience?

We help by providing WordPress core software updates with the latest version, updates to theme installations so sites don’t get outdated and update all plugins after doing a vulnerability scan to keep site functions running smoothly.

An additional feature we offer is safe updates which automatically create a restore point by comparing the site before and after the update. If something goes wrong it rolls back the update. Our updates run 50% faster than other solutions so everything happens in a flash. 


Backups serve as an insurance policy for your client sites and are the backbone of any WordPress site management. Should a site crash or updates fail, it’s crucial to have an up to date backup. 

Let us keep site data safe with reliable off-site 90 day cloud storage on Amazon S3 servers. We provide encrypted secure incremental backups that won’t slow down sites or servers. Backups are unlimited and on demand. If the need arises we are able to quickly recover a site and get it back on track. 



Malware scans help protect against data loss and check for vulnerabilities so they can be corrected. They also improve performance and provide you with peace of mind. We provide daily unlimited automated scans and malware removal using MalCare.

You’ll get a notification as soon as an issue is detected but we work to make sure that doesn’t happen in the first place.

We offer more toward security than just malware scans. We add firewall protection which monitors and blocks questionable IP’s from your client sites.

 We also provide login protection using CAPTCHA which prevents hackers from gaining access to sites.

 There’s one more thing, we use website hardening for extra layers of protection to further enhance security.

 Rock solid security will keep your client’s sites safe!



With performance scans you obtain valuable information on how your client sites are performing. It checks site speed and page load time plus you’ll receive information on where site performance can be improved.

We’ll run scans giving you an inside look at any situations effecting your client sites performance. 



We provide maintenance reports to our clients so you see what services are being performed and the activity within each service.

Insights provide you with information about how to keep your client sites at peak performance.

Reports show that having your sites professionally managed and maintained is a valuable asset to your business.


Eliminates worry and saves time knowing whether your client sites are up. It keeps revenue flowing and visitors accessing their sites. It also saves your clients from being penalized by search engines for downtime. We monitor uptime 24/7.



If you are looking to change web hosts or need to move your client sites to another server or URL we have the fastest migration solution available. Migration includes all files and the database easily moved with no live site downtime. 

It’s incredibly easy to have done and is a fail-safe process. Let us help you with your migration needs. It’s a no brainer!



We believe outstanding customer service and support is key to a successful business. We pride ourselves on offering both.

If you need content edits or have technical support issues with a client site we provide 24/7 support services 365 days a year. Plans include 1 hour of support assistance per month.

Support tickets are usually resolved within 3-4 hours (depending on the complexity of the issue) and critical issues given high priority within 1-2 hours. Support tickets can be raised through our Help Center at any time.

If you have questions start a chat, email or visit our Help Center and start a conversation.






Shari Weelborg

Shari Weelborg


Passionate about technology and the WordPress platform. Dedicated to alleviating your pain points surrounding WordPress maintenance. Previous experience working directly for web design and marketing agencies alongside their creative, engineering and marketing departments. Have worked with many of the world’s largest tech companies in Silicon Valley.

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