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White Label Program for Agencies


Your time is valuable and keeping an eye on your site is important but can you do it all yourself?

If you find that maintaining your site regularly is a challenge, we can help. 

Plans Starting at $29/mo.


Never have to monitor for updates again. We’ve got you covered!


Don’t be caught off guard and lose your valuable data. We do weekly and daily offsite backups.



We check on your site weekly or daily to keep it safe from hackers.


We check your site speed and load time to keep it optimized.


You’ve created the perfect WordPress site for your business. It’s an investment of time and money. You want to keep it running smoothly and not break down. It’s like having a car, in order for it to get you places it needs to be maintained on a regular basis.

Taking care of your car shouldn’t be an afterthought and neither should maintaining your site. You’ve got a business to run and may not have the resources to look after your site all the time.

Investing in a site maintenance service keeps your site updated and secure and alerts you if something isn’t right. When you budget for a website consider using a maintenance service. It’s worth it for your peace of mind and for your very important web presence.

Enhance security 

Eliminate worry about bugs

Improve compatibility across site functions

Provide a speedier streamlined experience 

We provide:

WordPress core software updates with the latest version

Updates to theme installations so your site doesn’t get outdated

Updates to all of your plugins with vulnerability scan to keep your site functions running smoothly

Serve as an insurance policy for your site

Are the backbone of any WordPress site management

Should your site crash or updates fail, it’s crucial to have an up to date backup

You backup your computer and device data on a regular basis. Your WordPress site is just as important.

We provide:

Reliable off-site storage

Weekly backups with our Economy service

Daily backups with our Standard and Prime service

Helps protect against data loss

Checks for vulnerabilities so they can be corrected

Improves performance 

Provides site owner with peace of mind

We provide:

Sucuri security scans done weekly with our Economy and Standard service

Daily scans with our Prime service

Notification as soon as an issue is detected

Obtain valuable information on how your site is performing

Checks site speed and page load time

Receive data on where site performance can be improved

Gain insights on optimization

We provide:

Performance scans giving you an inside look at any situations effecting your site performance

Performance scans allow for insights that alert you to problems so they can be rectified right away

Weekly scans with our Standard service and daily scans with our Prime service

We provide maintenance reports to our clients so you see what services are being performed and the activity within each service.

Insights provide you with information about how you can keep your site at peak performance

Reports show that having your site professionally managed and maintained is a valuable asset to your business

Prime Services

In addition to our Standard service level we offer Prime maintenance which adds:

SEO Keyword Ranking

SEO provides key metrics on your site, competitor information and site ranking

Connection to Google Analytics

Track and receive reports on your site traffic

Uptime Monitoring

Eliminates worry and saves time knowing whether your site is up

Keeps revenue flowing and visitors accessing your site

Saves you from being penalized by search engines for downtime

Alerts you to problems so they can be corrected right away

We provide:

24/7 Uptime Monitoring with notifications helping ensure your site doesn’t go down

Care Plans & Pricing

Once your order has been placed, you’ll receive an email from us about how to proceed with the set up of your plan.

Monthly Subscription 

No Contracts 

30 day guarantee 

Support Assistance

Do you need content edits or have technical support issues with your site? We provide  24/7 support services 365 days a year with our monthly Prime Plan Plus. Minimum support assistance per month is 1 hour.

Support tickets are usually resolved within 3-4 hours (depending on the complexity of the issue) and critical issues given high priority within 1-2 hours. Support tickets can be raised through our Help Center at any time. 

If you have questions start a chat, email or visit our Help Center and start a conversation. If you’d like to sign up, please see the separate “sign up here” link within the Prime Plan section.